1971 genuine European-spec 350SL - - fully restored and matching numbers

Super-rare, with 4-speed automatic
Only 15300 real Euro-spec 350SLs were ever built.
Much rarer than the Pagoda, of which 25000 were built.
1971 350SL in fabulous condition. 87K miles (142k kilometers)
European spec - 3.5L liter with very rare 4-speed automatic
The European model has high compression, individual port injection and 230 HP
This is serial number 000423 - one of the very first ones ever built

20220612_155239.jpg 20220612_155248.jpg 20220612_155249.jpg 20220612_155251.jpg 20220612_155252.jpg
20220612_155253.jpg 20220612_155255.jpg 20220612_155256.jpg 20220612_155257.jpg 20220612_155258.jpg
20220612_155259.jpg 20220612_155301.jpg 20220612_155302.jpg 20220612_155303.jpg 20220612_155304.jpg
20220612_155305.jpg 20220612_155306.jpg 20220612_155306(0).jpg 20220612_155307.jpg 20220612_155308.jpg
20220612_155309.jpg 20220612_155309(0).jpg 20220612_155310.jpg 20220612_155311.jpg 20220612_155311(0).jpg

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